My wife, who is generally against and staying away from electronics, suddenly asked if she could print things off her iPhone.  I took her phone, and tried Print, only to find that I need to have AirPrint enabled printers in the network.  My good old printer was made long before the age of i-Devices.  I thought my luck was out.

After a few minutes of googling, I came to realize that there is this free software called AirPrint Activator, which allows my Mac to become an AirPrint server.  After a minute of download and following the step, and also remember to enable print sharing, my wife was thrill to see her iPhone pictures slowly emerge from my laserjet.

Looks like Windows users are not left in the cold, there is this post showing steps to enable AirPrint on PC.  They are not as streamline as AirPrint Activator, but I am sure one day some genius is going to spend the time get it quick and easy for the mass.