Setting SharePoint 2010 master page could be trivial to some people, especially those who may come from MOSS 2007 camp.  As a neophyte in both 2007 and 2010, I started off with a blank SharePoint Team Site, then I created a deployed my master page using Visual Studio 2010, my next few hours were spent on figuring out how to apply the master page in the site.  Eventually this post has come to rescue me.  In a nutshell, Team Site by default has “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” and “SharePoint Server Publishing” features turned off, turning them back on would be the key.  Here are the steps:

  1. Choose Site Actions -> Site Settings
  2. Choose Site Collection Features under Site Collection Administration
  3. Enable “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure”
  4. Go back to Site Actions -> Site Settings
  5. Choose Manage Site Features under Site Actions
  6. Enable “SharePoint Server Publishing”
  7. Now, “Master Page” link magically reappears under Site Settings.