I have been a fan of Tablet PC as it provides me portability, pen computing, and creative freedom.  I have used and owned Wacom Intuos tablets before, they are powerful, but nothing that can rival direct edit on the screen and pixel with the pen.  Even though Wacom provides Cintiq which comes with a screen, its price performance is nowhere near a tablet.

To get Tablet PC to work beautifully with Photoshop so I can take advantage of the pressure-sensitive tip, I need to download the Wacom driver from Wacom’s website. Wacom, however, has not been doing a good job updating the driver for Tablet PC, and the last known driver was made in Jan 2008, carrying a RC (Release Candidate) status.

Recently, they decided to pull the Tablet PC driver off their site.  Leaving the only way to get to the driver would be Google search.

Last week I have upgraded my Lenovo x61 to Windows 7 64-bit, today I have found this post with the good news that Wacom Bamboo driver is just as good for Tablet PC, and it is more up to date for x64 binaries!  I have downloaded the driver, and scribbled it on my Photoshop 64-bit, it works flawlessly!