Dell Precision Workstation M6400 is a powerful laptop, but its LCD screen is shipped with setting that makes the world look bluer.  When I attach a regular LCD monitor (which happens to be DELL as well) to the laptop, and view the same website or image side-by-side, I notice the laptop screen looks more blue.

While this may not be an issue for many, when I perform my design task, the color discretion between my laptop and target screens is enough to make a good design look bad!

Below are the settings I copied from discussion, and it works pretty well for me

“1) Going to the Nvidia control panel in Win 7 and setting: (any values not indicated are set to default)

Brightness – 52%
Contrast – 55%
Gamma – 48%

Contrast – 55%

Contrast – 55%
Gamma – 44%

2) Calibrating with Eye One Match software and setting:

White point – 6400K (instead of 6500)
Brightness – 100cd/m2 (required turning down brightness to about 25%)

Now, everything looks good. Whites and neutrals are neutral. I lost a little saturation, but the M6400 screen is now about 90%+ match to my Eizo CE240W. No more Disney-color. And, no blue tint, no purple reds or ruddy skin tones. Hooray!

If you follow the Nvidia control panel adjustments above and load the monitor profile I’ve attached into the Color Management tab under Display, you should get about the same color. Also be sure to adjust your screen brightness as indicated in the attached image.