I have long been wanting to enjoy more than just FM’s and cassette tapes in my old Honda Accord 1999 LX. My thirst was somewhat quenched by the sound feeder through cassette or FM. Yet, the cassette player soon produce audible click noise, and the FM is constantly battling with local stations, neither of the solutions work to my heart content.

One night through the right search keywords I stumbled upon this PIE HON98-AUX unit for my Honda:


and horray, within short amount of time, I got my Accord ready for anything that would emit sound through stereo jack, MP3 player, GPS, laptop, you name it!

The installation is pretty straight forward, a little prying and a few screws would do just fine. Yet, to do the job, these few things would be necessary:

  • Honda Accord Haynes Service Manual (you can find them at local Auto Zone) The manual comes with step-by-step instructions along with photos on how to take the radio apart
  • RCA to stereo jack converter (Radio Shack)
  • Stereo cable extender (Radio Shack)

That’s it. The Honda’s (Accord, Civic, S2000, Odyssey, etc) would now enjoy more sound.