I have long missed the feature of “Command Prompt from Here”.  It was introduced in Windows XP Power Toys.  The feature allows me to right click any folder, choose “Command Prompt from Here” from the context menu, and a DOS window would open at the folder path.  This is extremely useful when I need to perform certain commands in some deep folders.

Yet such feature has been missing in Windows 2003, and Vista’s implementation is rather weird (I have to SHIFT-right click).  Luckly this post has unearthed how easy to enable such feature.  The steps are as follow:

  1. At any folder window, choose Tools -> Folder Options
  2. Choose the File Types type
  3. Choose [None] Folder
  4. Click at the “Advance” button
  5. In the dialog box, click at the “New” button to create a new Action.
  6. Name the “Action” field with “Command Prompt from Here” or any text you want
  7. At the “Application to perform action type”, type in “cmd.exe”
  8. Accept and close everything

Waalah, this just works!