I was once told that there is a price of chasing the latest and greatest. Well, here comes one that’s with IE 8. After waiting minutes of upgrade and reboot, I have IE 8 running. The first problem I encountered has to do with Microsoft’s very own Outlook Web Access: Anytime when I try to compose a new message, a new window pops up indicating connection cannot be established to the page. Google search does not seem to find me desired results.

Apparently, most of my issues have been resolved by installing Vista SP2.  So now I guess there could be something under the hood not getting hooked correctly during IE 8 installation.  After IE 8 installation not only I experienced the issue above, I also saw Windows Explorer taking forever to expand a folder or list files after waking up from a stand-by.  Finally Service Pack 2 came into rescue.  Yay!

Finally, an article on TweakVista sheds a little light. Without going into much details, it has to do with actxprxy.dll is not properly registered.  The following steps would help correct the issue

  1. In Vista, Go to Programs -> Accessories, right click at Command Prompt, and choose Run as Administrator
  2. At command prompt, type in cd\windows\System32
  3. Type in regsvr32 actxprxy.dll

Update: This solution does not work.